Team Building Games
Now that you are convinced that the Outdoors is the place to rejuvenate your organization, you can choose from a host of options to suit your needs:

Leadership programmes
Team Development
Performance Improvement Teams
High Performance Teams
Facilitation Workshops
Young Employee Apprentice Programmes
Graduate Development

All of these programmes incorporate the Outdoors as a vital component of the mix, which must also include:
  • Structured reviews of teams and individuals
  • Clear links between experiences and work
  • Action planning for continuous improvement
  • Concept, models and relevant competencies
  • Development of pre-agreed business issues
  • Creation of Implementation Strategy for work
Typical experiential exercises range from short, tightly focused sessions to develop one outcome, to major initiative tasks to develop major project skills. Elements included depend on desired learning outcomes relevant to the work place.

Leadership Programme
"Leadership is the wise use of power. Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it." Warren Bennis Some Leadership programmes are integral parts of other organizational strategies, whilst others stand alone to manage specific requirements. The definition of leadership will depend on the culture of the client company, the type of group or team they are leading and the role they are fulfilling.

Elements covered will be determined by the above, but illustrative of useful elements are:
  • Insight into self and how we interface with others
  • Understanding of personal preferred leadership style andthe likely consequences of this
  • Development of personal strategies to deal with situations perhaps not addressed by the preferred style
  • Education into a range of appropriate leadership models, to allow a greater depth of situational understanding and options for personal development
  • Development of key leadership tools including communication, feedback, active listing, involvement techniques and motivation
  • Formulation of a personal plan to develop both self and those being led

Programme Flow:
  • Discuss objectives, leaders' roles and expectations
  • Ascertain level of present leadership competence
  • Develop appropriate programme
  • Deliver training and development with formulation of
action plan
  • Additional support as appropr
Team Development
A team is not a team just because it calls itself one."People have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others than against them", Dr. Allan Fromme Developing teams is probably the most important aspect of running an organization successfully. Under the generic term Team Development, each course is specifically tailored, and the range of programmes is as varied as the number of courses run. The objective of every programme is to make a real difference in the work place, and the feedback we receive confirms that we do just that.

As with many of our programmes, interactivity is enhanced by the incorporation of experiential learning experiences either in or out of doors, depending on client needs and programme design.

Elements covered include:
  • Training in team generic and team specific competencies
  • Practical development of team capability through Learning Cycle
  • Facilitated sessions to address business needs
  • Creation of an implementation strategy for the work place
  • Agreed follow up plan
Programme flow
  • Discuss desired outcomes with the client
  • Develop proposal and feedback
  • Deliver appropriate training
  • Follow up to ensure implementation
Performance Improvement Teams
"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean Given the right support and management, Performance Improvement Teams can make a radical difference to the organizational output in a short time, saving a lot of money. Performance improvements can be attained across a wide spectrum of areas, including scrap reduction, set-up time reduction, overall equipment efficiency, inventory reduction and service response time.

We often wonder why, when the results are so positive, Performance Improvement Teams are not used more often. Perhaps because we are so busy achieving for today, we give less consideration than we should to tomorrow's performance requirements. Despite this, India Outdoors is constantly developing and facilitating these teams for a wide number of companies to great effect.

Typical components covered by projects:
  • Consultation into possible performance improvements strategy
  • Formation of appropriate team for project
  • Facilitation and training to ascertain performance improvement opportunities, categories, rank and rate
  • Formation of route maps for teams to follow
  • Training in appropriate analytical and problem solving tools
Programme Flow
  • Agree with client on area to be addressed
  • Deliver workshop to establish team and assess the opportunities for greatest benefit
  • Follow up to provide support as appropriate to the full development and implementation of performance improvement
High Performance Terms
The way a team plays together as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don' t play together, the club won't be worth a dime." Babe Ruth What do good teams progress to? Conventional models may lead to plateau once a performance improvement has been achieved. Yet, why do we believe we have reached our full performance entitlement as soon as progress is made? The ceiling is set by us.

We design programmes that take teams, which have already developed, to a high level of effectiveness, on to the next stage of their development journey. This is what we call high performance teams.

Programme flow
  • Audit teams system and climate
  • Develop programme
  • Deliver appropriate inputs
  • Monitor and support
Facilitation Workshops
"For the cause that lacks assistance, The wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance…" Complex business issues with multi interest groups require a well-structured approach to realize the opportunities they hold. The best way forward must be identified with all parties, interests incorporated and members prepared to both endorse and support the chosen route.

A high level of facilitation is incorporated into all our programmes. However, we are frequently asked to run workshops to establish direction and action for groups, and this is done in a professional manner, never forgetting that although we are experts in process, you are the technical experts.

Whilst each situation is unique, as a guide, India Outdoors has the experience to understand the business issues you want addressed, design a process to look at those issues, run sessions to deliver a solution, and follow up with any implementation required. Workshops incorporate proven facilitation methods with appropriate supplementary elements such as creativity tools and analytical problem solving, thus ensuring the members are equipped to harness full performance entitlement.

Programme Flow
  • Discuss areas to be addressed with issue champion
  • Discuss with stakeholders as appropriate
  • Develop and feedback on the process to be used
  • Facilitate workshop
  • Additional support as appropriate
Young Employee Apprentice Programmes
"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." Anthony J.K. D'Angelo These programmes were conceived by the need to integrate young employees into organizational structures. Each one is tailored to the environment in which the employee will be operating and in consideration of their personal development needs. Young employees need to understand how modern organizations operate. They require the personal skills and competencies, which allow them to actively contribute in such environments, and they need to be conscious of themselves and equipped to continually develop. They also have specific needs born of their inexperience in both work and life.

The residential programmes are run from a venue ideally suited to an intensive development programme. Participants are required to be interdependent, sharing work, learning and experiences in a highly structured process. Throughout, they are guided, taught and encouraged to consider all aspects of their operations, continually looking to improve and develop both themselves and their peers, during and after the programme. Full consideration is given to how these young workers will integrate the skills learned, into their day-to-day work.

Aspects covered in additional organization-specific elements:
  • New worker skills
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Group process skills and working with others
  • Presentation and personal impact
  • Assertiveness
  • Individual and group problem solving
  • Creativity
Programme flow
  • Pre-meeting agreement of organizational objectives and members
  • Programme designing
  • Programme delivery concluding with presentation
  • Delivery of individual development plan
Graduate Development
"The man who graduates today and stops learning, is uneducated the day after" Newton J Baker Graduates represent a considerable investment and an asset for the future. Technically trained to a high level, the next challenge for graduates is to develop complementary people skills. India Outdoors offers programmes to assist with this, which integrate with the client's overall graduate development strategy.

Usually residential and run from a well suited venue, programmes offer an intensive experience during which attendees develop both themselves and their peers. Personal, interpersonal, team and leadership skills are progressed through experiential exercises, structured reviews, input sessions and personal development plans.

Aspects covered in additional organization-specific elements:

Personal development
  • Understanding individual contribution and personal impact
  • Effective personal communicator strategies
  • Organization and time management
Team and group skills
  • Development patterns and strategies for teams
  • Team specific and team generic competencies
  • Personal contribution when working in a team and balancing roles
  • Team process skills
Foundation Leadership skills
  • Education in theoretical and practical models of leadership
  • Practical experience in the application of leadership models
  • Development of individual leadership potential
  • Preferred leadership style and its effects
  • Principles and practical tools for motivation
Programme Flow
  • Pre-course meeting with manager/mentors to determine programme design
  • Pre-course meeting with graduates
  • Delivery of programme concluding with action, planning and presentations to manager/ mentor
  • Individual development plans with follow up and meeting.
Outdoor Team Building

A shared experience is enough to get conversations going for months: imagine how much more powerful relationships will be with a knowledge of just how that experience came to be!

Team Building with fun as the key to learning. Your company can easily learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together with our team building activity events. A Team building event is a safe place to test and out new ideas and concepts of how to work together as a team. With our team events we believe it is important to use play and fun to illustrate the crucial nature of building teamwork and communication in the business environment.

All the team building challenges have been designed to improve working relationships in a fun and informal way. The disciplines in each team building challenge are similar; however due to the different skills required the individuals who lead the team will differ on each challenge.

Team building is the main aim of the day, but we also ensure there is an element of team competition with the announcement of the overall winning team at the conclusion of the day.
This ensures that everyone will get involved.

When the day is finished and your teams stop to reflect on the day, they will realize there are people within their organization who have skills that can be implemented within the workplace.

With experience with over 300 clients with needs that have been dramatically different from each other Strawberry Outbound can provides a wide range of events to meet your requirements. Once we have received your brief we will be able to suggest the best team building solutions for your event.

What Are Outbound Team Building Events Used For?
  • Opening lines of communication
  • Create Bonding
  • Getting to know each other better
  • Celebrating success
  • Building camaraderie and collaboration
  • Sending a message to your people
  • Driving up motivation and inspiration
  • Uniting your work force
  • Breaking the ice
  • Building high energy
  • Loosening up, shedding inhibitions
  • Building high energy
  • Networking
  • Fun! Laughter! Happy Faces!
When Should You Use Team Building Events?
  • Meeting kickoffs
  • An exciting closure for your event
  • An incentive for celebrating success
  • As a stand-alone event
  • Evening energizers
  • A customized training session
What are the Benefits ?
  • Increase communication / learn new strengths and gain insights within the team
  • Inclusion / the more inclusive, the greater the number of talents within the team
  • Having fun together outside of the workplace, staff feel valued and rewarded
  • Improved communication means more trust, support and understanding
  • A fun/relaxed atmosphere or more enjoyable working conditions
  • A platform for easier problem-solving in the future
What is the ideal duration ?
A lot depends on the team size and prime objectives.
We have enormous new ideas, games, and innovative event solutions. Whether you require three days of team building programme, a single days team building, a half day, a couple of hours, or just a break during a conference, Outbound has specifically customized content that can fit your need.
Needless to say, the longer the duration, higher is the impact of the programme.

It has dedicated locations for team building initiatives. Most locations that we choose to work with have fitted into our parameters of ideally suited environment.

Before a location is suggested by us, we consider the programme objectives, travel time, standard of facilities, geographical resources, climate, privacy, property usage restrictions, price to services ratio, etc.
We have training venues not more than 150 kms in travel distance from major metros in India.

We have done it before. Will it be the same?
Fortunately, from our vast content of activities, you can be assured that new variety of activities be conducted by us. Most of our clients are repeat customers and we have learned to manage programmes that have new set of activities or new format to the requirement. Same canned approach does not motivate our own operations team!

For corporate teams that still needed dramatically different team building approach, we have specially introduced a new section called 'New Ideas'. This section offers brave and radically different team building strategies that are not offered by anyone else in the country. For reasons of confidentiality, we have mentioned only partial list of New Corporate Ideas. Activities in this section are offered in India only by Strawberry Outbound.

Ice Breakers/ Energizers
to loosen up, get warmed up get to know all.

Initiative tasks
leadership activities
assessing a problem
formulating a solution
group cooperation
enhance group responsibility

learn proper spotting techniques to develop trust in each other
to take risks & overcome fear to support & encourage one another

Low ropes course
giving cooperation
mutual support
everyone will participate by watching, encouraging & spotting
students will take sensible risks

High ropes course
demonstrate trust in the ropes course & instructor by climbing & falling on belay
watch & encourage
continue to exhibit group cooperation, trust, & understanding
learn to address their fears
take sensible risks

Why Outbound ?
  • Widest range of corporate team building solutions in India
  • Large variety of team building games and activities to offer choice and avoid repetitions
  • Create the highest safety environment for participants
  • Flexible solutions to derive maximum out of allocated time frames
  • Young and dynamic team that works with contagious enthusiasm and passion
  • Free venue search provided to meet your needs
  • Developed training site close to Mumbai that saves precious travel time
  • Largest ‘Happy Client’ list that keeps coming back to us
  • Experience to handle multi-days and large teams with effortless ease
  • And we listen
New Ideas:

Tired of ordinary events, with canned, boring approach? We're the people to call!

Companies choose us as their corporate team building activities source again and again, because they recognize our commitment to providing something new, fresh and out of the box.

New Ideas is a section of Strawberry Outbound that works on ways to show you how we can bring people together and turn your outing into something more. Spend time laughing, playing, problem-solving, making mistakes and building chemistry wzzith your co-workers that can’t be done in an office or on the road. Our events are fun, engaging and highly participative.

Whether you're organizing a team event, a conference, an annual outing, a fun day or team meeting - if you're bringing people together and want to include a team building or motivational element - we can help! Our corporate out-of-the-box team building events really get people working together, having fun and loosening up.

some of the Unique Team Ideas that we can execute do for you

There are more but you will have to mail us a request for specific needs -